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[audio]klk007 - Phil Thomson
My release on Wesley Matsell's klk records (England) .
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 268
[audio]Les sons systèmes
Having fun with glitle and the system sounds.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 389
[audio]skid - Phil Thomson
A piece based on processed digital feedback.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 232
[audio]Salt Merchant - Phil Thomson
Based on a reading of Marcel Duchamp's "A l'infinitif" by the author.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 1,083
[audio]One Infinite Loop - Eden1: Pixel Garden - One Infinite Loop
Free Album by One Infinite Loop
Keywords: glitch
Downloads: 2
[audio]One Infinite Loop- Eden 2: Cassiopeia Transmissions - One Infinite Loop
Free Album by One Infinite Loop
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 2
[audio]Four Trios - Phil Thomson
A set of pieces based on data sonification. The "trios" in the title of this collection are the grouping of pieces in sets of threes. The first piece of each trio is the output of the convolution of the other two. The source of all these pieces was a crash dump file generated by Windows 2000 converted to audio.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 629
[audio]Greater and More Immediate - Phil Thomson
On the Iraq Invasion.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 179
[audio]practical - Phil Thomson
This piece is based on a violin practice recorded onto microcassette by Bill Jarboe, who doesn't really play the violin. More collaborative audio here:
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 275
[audio]Microdisco Vol.2 by Unicomplex [Freeosc20] - Unicomplex
Here is the second release in our Microdisco series! New volumes of these (two track) releases will appear every month during next 3-4 months. Here you can find Unicomplex`s (also appearing as Jed Whitaker) take on Miscrodisco concept. If you are looking for more beat oriented, electro, approach check out Microdisco Vol.1 by Greg Pavlov.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 970
[audio]acoasma - Phil Thomson
A piece made with data sonification. An acoasma is an auditory hallucination, and this piece is meant to be what a computer might hear if it was hallucinating.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 271
[image]Billete de Ida - Zezedice
10 tracks album of glitched downtempo beats
Keywords: glitch
Downloads: 25
[audio]soft - Phil Thomson
Two pieces made from data sonification.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 299
[audio]hdjtom - glitchpop music for boys and girls [tonAtom.024] - hdj tom
tough stuff from hungary, this is what hdjtom presents on this debut e.p. release on tonAtom. somewhat in the style of the sample magicians like e.g. akufen, but with a more humourous-anarchic approach, this budapest-based artist develops little masterpieces in his very special shredder, which is prepared with samples of the most manifold origins. another pearl within the tonAtom-artists, especially for the audience, which is prepared to listen to "leading edge" music.
Keywords: gLiTch
Downloads: 3,285
[audio]sound object 2 - monobond
Only sound source for this piece is a 4 seconds long sample recorded on my mobile phone from a local record store. The recording is 2 people talking together. I treatet it in MaxMSP 4.3 for OSX... It isnt quite finished yet. I am still lacking the vocals.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 183
[audio]feticista del buffer - Giona Vinti
another impro. 2 break samples 1 trumpet loop. granular samplers,sample and hold effects. sound a bit like muslimgauze in my opinion.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 436
[audio]Untamala - Live @ Neuestadt 6/2004 [laama002] - Jukka Hautamaki, Dennis Tan, Sebastian Ziegler
surf here for listening this item
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 451
[audio]Cessant - Phil Thomson
Based on sounds by Bill Jarboe. More similar collaborative pieces can be found at .
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 248
[audio]Andrey Kirichenko - 00.00 (a suite of the midnight) [apl002]
Resembling an insect zoo of skittering electronic tones and textures, one is advised to be on guard as they envelope three-dimensional space via binaural injection. This electronically-multicolored sinus zoo, consisting of sticky circuits, misplaced clicks, and sutured noise fragments provide rhythmic and textural counterpoint to the subtle atmospheres and moods generated from grain clouds set aloft by Andrey's unique genius...
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 4,220 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Asymmetrical Head - Lunar Moon Suit - Asymmetrical Head
Earstroke presents Lunar/Moon Suit by Asymmetrical Head. The sounds in this EP are expertly sequenced, simulating the beeps and clicks of an abandoned ship drifting endlessly through the galaxy, capturing both the warm hum of futuristic white noise emenating devices, and the cold barren feeling of a journey into space too far to turn back.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 2,641
[audio]synat - Phil Thomson
Though many of these sounds are evocative of nature, they are all purely digitally synthesized. The title "synat" thus serves as an abbreviation for something like "synthetic nature."
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 255
[audio][PPR25]TTTRRRAAASSSHHH - Empty Recycle Bin
breakcore.noise.glitch.mashup pigeonpooprecords2011
Keywords: glitch
Downloads: 72
Skullnumbing,Hardhitting,Orgasmic yet sensual and emotional Dark Goth-Industrial Electrocore.Different music for different people.The transient portion of a gore-filled nightmare.Combine heartpumping electronic beats and obscure samples with eerie vocals and crunchy overdriven guitars,throw it in a meat grinder,out comes the sick and twisted world of Glitch.Bonecrushing 2 piece,ascending from the darkest corner of Dixie, Birmingham,Al...
Keywords: GLITCH
Downloads: 79
[audio]Various Artists - Radio Astronomy - various
This is originally a CD released by RIXC ( and r a d i o q u a l i a ( The CD features tracks made by our favourite artists, each track is made using recordings r a d i o q u a l i a has made of the sun, jupiter, and venus using the RT32 telescope in Latvia ( Artists include Tennis, Kaffe Matthews, si-cut.db, i.e.wlltts, Claustrum, scanner, r a d i o q u a l i a, Iris Garrelfs, Voldemars Johansons, Loosebot, Max Nullo...
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 2,433 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Raw Sessions Vol.2 - Enufo
This is the second part of my collection of dirty noises.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 666
[audio]2 podcast glitch
Keywords: glitch
Downloads: 61
[audio]Four Trios (High Bitrate) - Phil Thomson
A high-bitrate version of the Four Trios. These pieces were based on a crash dump file from Windows 2000 converted into audio. The "trios" to which the title refers are sets of three pieces, whereby the first piece in each set is the output of the convolution of the other two.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 420
[audio]Scorphius - Progression Is The Motion [qd-4207] - Scorphius (JR Galvez)
On the 5-track EP Progression Is The Motion, expect the sound of gongs, buzzing, soft female voices, creepy metallic synths, coughing, speaking men, and hypnotic percussive rhythms. These are future tribal sounds meant for some cyborg coming-of-age ritual. This is menacing music with a nod towards ethnic Philippine ethnic rhythms, crafted by a hermetic Philippine producer who only converses via email...
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 6,400
[movies]Sequence 01 1
a pixelated glitch
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 25
[audio]Asymptote: A Tribute To Autechre - Kink Avi-D
Glitch. A tribute to Autechre.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 750
[audio]JR.Litch - jutoxic
Keywords: glitch
Downloads: 13
[software]The Ultimate Glitch + 70 Presets + Sfx
Adobe After Effects CS6
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 64
[audio]Johan Wieslander - Gas [apl015]
"Johan Wieslander might ring a bell to the one or other from his Force Inc MP3 Magazine contribution. He's a swedish composer who delivers a digitally rastered testtone funk album on Autoplate. With intense detailing, crackling and finely-tuned digital layers, the yet cold atmosphere catches you to listen very closely to the sparse, economically punctuated sounds. Lots of smooth transitions and blends create repetitive microintervals of stereo sounds...
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 1,617
[audio]codecs longina 1999 - Chiu Longina
Created in 1999 and 2000 in the sinsalaudio laboratory (vigo, spain) under the thomas Brinkmann influence. Collaborators: Luis Campos and Julio Gómez ( The last track in one actualization of the codec1 for the magazine.
Keywords: gLiTch
Downloads: 1,120
[audio]Taavi Tulev - Televiisor On Tuksis [apl007]
1st thing: BEWARE OF BROKEN EAR DAMAGE ON "KARJE" One of todays most important composers of classical music is Toivo Tulev, the father of Taavi. For Autoplate, Taavi cuts, smashes, mingles, constructs and keeps defining the new school of electronica folklore from Estonia. 13 neo-dsp songs which are mad and randomly structured, but in the end agree on one point: beautieful. Taavi keeps playing various instruments of undefined origin and, if you listen carefully, unfolds multiinstrumentality i rar...
Keywords: gLiTch
Downloads: 2,241
[audio]Raw Sessions Vol.1 - Enufo
This is the first part of my collection of dirty noises.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 24,784
[movies]A Glitch Contest - Ch. Petchanatz
Glitch video+sound
Keywords: glitch
Downloads: 50
[audio]n0epcd08/04 - Carl Kruger - Sharbat Gula - Carl Kruger
Kruger's debut on n0-age. Rhytmic Glitches and Drones.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 2,238
[audio]Mori - Sk [od047] - Mori
Long time since I fell in love with a track, indeed. The more our minds get complex, the more we need pure semplicity, need to wake up and kill all vacant and pensive moods, and be able to be astonished by the smallest thing. Minimal cute melancholy electroliberism, constant pure beats of joie du vivre and azurine illuminated landscapes of virginity make us open hands and wish kissing the world.
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 874
[audio]833-45 - Solar Cycle 23 LP [apl004] - 833-45
Vancouver based artist Kevin Krebs who is known through his & Nishi output is known for working on a very own kind of sound exploration and searching for the yet most exciting frequencies between the various radiostations out there on earth. "Solar Cycle" creates a very cold and inhuman atmosphere, partly post-nuclear when the test signals in "A Perfectly Reflecting Earth" evoke. Through the continued slightly distorted whitenoise Kevin unfolds his advanced beatshuffling with merging ...
Keywords: Glitch
Downloads: 6,637 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]PsyNet F48.1 - The City - PsyNet F48.1
mp3 album
Keywords: xpenoise; glitch
Downloads: 86
[audio]op.cit. - Motoklot - op.cit.
mp3 album
Keywords: ambient; glitch
Downloads: 4
[audio]Plataforma 11 : Antoine Trauma - Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - Antoine Trauma
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Fait são três gotas de sangue. A primeira do discurso inflamado da igreja contra o satanismo. As outras duas a exaltação do paganismo, o discurso do papa diluído num mar de sangue. O sangue da inquisição? Provavelmente. Criando um clima atmosférico, tenso e meditativo. Convida para uma meditação desconfortável, uma reflexão desagradável. Nos destrói com sutileza.Texto por: Guilherme Maschke
Keywords: ambient; glitch
Downloads: 6
[audio]Blackleaf 40 - B. Morrison
late '00s electronic music.
Keywords: glitch; synthesizers
Downloads: 78
[audio]IUMA: Glitch US
Hey everyone, we're glitch. We're not everything you're use to listen to. We're a very odd mix of music, but i hope you like us. We're from Mantua, OH, a town of cows, and boring living. We all we're influenced from different types of music, from Emo to Industrial. So all of our styles just mixed together for a pretty original sound.
Keywords: Glitch US
Downloads: 18
[audio]Disconnected on PCP! - Anthropophagic Messiah
Keywords: Breakcore/Glitch
Downloads: 40
[audio]IUMA: GLiTCH UK
High-energy punk rock from the north of England. If you want it live, loud & in your face, check out GLiTCH!! We've been gigging around the North East of England for 5 years, trashing eardrums and venues alike. Back in '97 the music world went mad for Indie & Britain began to fill up with miserable people who thought Manchester was in the north.. well, 3 lads from the darkest depths of Washington by the names of Kez, Si & Cheb took it upon themselves to create something entirely more positive...
Keywords: GLiTCH UK
Downloads: 15
[audio]Plataforma 005 : Antoine Trauma vs Jan Iwers - Groove from Hydra - Antoine Trauma & Jan Iwers
Parceria entre o músico Brasileiro Antoine Trauma e o Alemão Jam Iwers, disco gravado na Alemanha em Hamburgo, durante o festival Noise Factory. Drone e glitch 100% analógico.
Keywords: drone; glitch
Downloads: 5
[audio]IUMA: Societys Glitch
Hailing from Houston, SG combines mind controlling drums, heavy guitars and vocals to rip your heart out.
Keywords: Societys Glitch
Downloads: 1
[audio]Radio-for-the-Daydreamers-_- Wasted-Faces-(Seiswork-remix) - Radio for the Daydreamers Original by the band "Radio for the Daydreamers"
Keywords: glitch hop
Downloads: 30
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